Watch your vehicle shine like new again after getting an Exterior Detail. This detail package will leave your vehicle protected against many of the hazards that it encounters on a daily basis and helps prevent rust, swirls & corrosion.

Exterior Detail Package
Small size:
Medium size:
Large size:

Small: 2 seat Coupe

Medium: 4 seat Sedan

Large: SUV, Minivan and Truck

Other Vehicle Sizes: on Estimate

Exterior Includes:

  • hand wash and dry
  • bug and tar removal
  • clay surface treatment removes all embedded contamination that still remains after a car wash.
  • “swirl-free” paint polishing
  • machine applied high gloss wax 
  • scrub & detail wheels and wheel wells
  • clean and dress tires
  • dress all exterior rubber & plastic car-wash resistant
  • polish all exterior chrome & metal
  • streak-free, crystal-clear windows, mirrors and sunroof interior&exterior

A la carte Services:

Buff & Wax $75-$95*

Buff & Seal $95-$125*

*Prices vary depending on size and condition of vehicle