Protect the interior of your vehicle by purchasing our Interior Detail Package. Detailing the interior of your vehicle keeps the inside looking fresh & clean, and helps to protect it against fading, cracking, discoloration and UV damage.

Interior Detail package
Small Size:
Medium Size:
Large Size:

Small: 2 seat Coupe

Medium: 4 seat Sedan

Large: SUV, Minivan and Truck

Other Vehicle Sizes: on Estimate

Interior Includes:

  • full interior air purche & vacuum
  • complete interior shampoo                             
  • hot water extract mats, carpet and upholstery
  • rubber mats cleaned 
  • clean and detail dash, center console and door panels.                                                       Includes all instruments, panels, gouges, cup holders, knobs, switches, dials, vents, louvers and steering column.   
  • clean & condition leather seats
  • shampoo & detail vinyl seats
  • clean & treat headliner
  • detail door sills, jambs and trims
  • apply premium UV-protecting dressing on all interiors